Ernesto del Río (Bilbao, 1954) has a Law Degree from the University of Deusto, and has been director of the ZINEBI Bilbao Documentary and Short Film Festival (2000-2017) and of the Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission (2006-2017).

Director and screenwriter of short films such as Octubre, 12 (1982) and El ojo de la tormenta (1983) and feature films such as El amor de ahora (1987), No me compliques la vida (1991), Hotel y domicilio (1995), Valeria descalza (2011), the TV movie Umezurtzak (2013) and Metalúrgica y tropical (2023).

In addition, he has produced the short films Hoja de ruta (Jose A. Pérez, 2005) and Tosferina (Álvaro Alonso, 2009) and the feature films Calor… y celos (Javier Rebollo, 1996) and Entre todas las mujeres (Juan Ortuoste, 1998).


Marta Medina is a film critic, screenwriter and filmmaker. Graduated in Journalism from the University of Valladolid and graduated in Film Directing from the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid (ECAM), she has written the script for Siege (2023), an action thriller by Miguel Ángel Vivas, and has directed the short film Despertar (2015). She has been part of the third edition of the Film Academy Residences with the horror project Lapland.

Since 2016 she is responsible for film issues and reviews in the newspaper ‘El Confidencial’. It also collaborates with specialized publications such as ‘So Film’ -also in the French edition-, the radio program ‘Carne Cruda’ -with the ‘Sesión continua’ section, dedicated to cinema news- and since 2021 she has become part of the regular collaborators of ‘Historia de nuestro cine’ on La 2. She also appears together with Alejandro G. Calvo in the cinema sections “Cara a cara” and “Tarde de perros” on Webedia.


Iratxe Fresneda (Bilbao, 1974) is part of a new generation of directors whose work has achieved wide national and international impact in recent years. Professor in the Department of Audiovisual Communication at the UPV/EHU since 2004, she has been a visiting researcher at the University of Nevada (USA), at CUNY in New York (USA), at Lund University (Sweden) and in Toulouse II – Le Mirail (France). Her cinema, inspired by ‘the forgotten archives’, focuses, from a personal perspective, on the recording of the stories of reality. Her first feature film, Irrintziaren Oihartzunak (2016), premiered at the 64th San Sebastián Film Festival, began ‘The Record Trilogy’, composed by Lurralde Hotzak-Cold Lands (2018) and closed this year with Tetuán (2022). The trilogy, made up of three independent feature films, is linked by the concepts of travel, archives and memory.

Her films have been screened at international festivals and film libraries around the world (Berlin, Madrid, Nantes, Genoa, Seoul, Porto, Montevideo, Barcelona…) receiving numerous awards and recognitions.

She is currently working on the development of the feature film All the Roads Are Open (2025) and will soon finish her audio-visual piece ‘Errotatiba’.



She is the current artistic director of Zinegoak, the Bilbao International LGTBIQ+ Film and Performing Arts Festival, and member of the selection committee of Zinebi, the Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, she has a degree in Audio-visual Communication. She combines the management, design and development of artistic projects with the creation and production of documentaries and shows. Likewise, she is part of the Sra. Polaroiska collective whose works have been exhibited in many festivals and art centres.



As a screenwriter, he likes to sample all genres. This is evidenced by the released feature films in whose scripts he has participated: thrillers such as Muertos Comunes (2004), Guts (2009) or 70 Big Ones (2018); dramas like Tiempo sin aire (2015), or When You No Longer Love Me (2018); comedies like To the End of the Road (2000), or En temporada baja (2022); and horror films like Skizo (2006); and The Passenger (2021). He considers himself, thus, an all-rounder.

He is currently working on season 3 of Operación marea negra (Amazon Prime) and the following feature film projects are in pre-production: Ciudad Jardín and Al otro lado (script winner in 2019 of the prestigious Julio Alejandro award under its provisional title Sorbeltz).



Susana Miravalles writes, directs, edits various things. Although she started writing for television, she has worked in the directing team of shorts and feature films such as A Escondidas (2014) or Broken Basket (2015).

She is currently dedicated to producing digital content and collaborating on cultural projects at the production company Calle Falsa 123. If she is paid, she plays music at parties and events.

She has been a scriptwriter for Hikikomori, a short film that got the Award for the best Basque short film FANT 2022.