19:30h - Friday May 3


Teatro Campos
Duration:110 min

Ana, a nursing assistant, begins to feel attracted to Agustín, the husband of a woman in a coma whom she cares for. She then begins to be harassed by strange phenomena who want to throw her out of the house and separate her from Agustín.

Director:Laura Alvea

Laura Alvea is an active audiovisual professional with more than two decades of experience in various fields. He has been a screenwriter for feature films such as Ánimas (2018); assistant director in dozens of films and series such as Tin & Tina (2023), Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake (2021), The Endless Trench (2019), Arde Madrid (2018), Down There (2015), Carmina or Blow Up (2012), or Flamenco Flamenco (2010); participated in the castings of Unit 7 (2012), Marshland (2014), or Innocent Killers (2015); and has directed documentaries such as Fernando Torres: El Último Símbolo (2020), feature films such as The Extraordinary Tale (2014) and series such as the thriller The Snow Girl (2023).

Cast & crew
Screenplay:Daniel González, Miguel Ibáñez Monroy, Marta Armengol, Laura Alvea, José Ortuño.
Production:Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo, Marta Ramírez, Carlos Rosado Sibon.
Music:Alfred Tapscott
Edition:Fátima de los Santos, José M. G. Moyano
Cast:Almudena Amor, Alicia Lobo, Javier Rey, Amanda Goldsmith, Vera Curbelo, Yanely Hernández, Angelo Olivier Mónica Lleó, Pino Montesdeoca.