Ane Murugarren (Marcilla, Navarra, 1965), is a film director, writer and editor. She has worked with filmmakers such as Enrique Urbizu, Pablo Berger and Álex de la Iglesia. In the 1980s, she founded the Bilbao production company Creativideo with the aforementioned Urbizu, Joaquin Trincado and Luís Marías, and her first work as a director was the video clip for the band Eskorbuto: Antes de las guerras (1985).

In 2005, she directed the documentary feature film Esto no es la vida privada de Javier Krahe, followed by the mini television series El precio de la libertad (2011), the medium-lenght film La dama guerrera (2012), and the feature films: Tres mentiras (2014), La higuera de los bastardos (2017) and García y García (2021), one of the box-office hits in 2021.


Jimina Sabadú (Madrid, 1981) is a writer, screenwriter, and director. At the age of twelve, she released her first fanzine and soon began to publish in popular culture magazines. In the year 2000, she entered the legendary fanzine Mondo Brutto as a collaborator. She was part of the team until the last issue, which appeared in 2015. She won the Lengua de Trapo award with Celacanto (chosen as one of the best literary debuts of the year according to the newspaper El Mundo) and the Ateneo Joven de Sevilla award with Los Supervivientes. In February 2020, she published the traditional horror novel Las Palmeras (Algaida), a novel that narrated the closure of borders due to a disease of unknown origin. This year she has published her latest book: La Conquista de Tinder (Turner).

In addition, she has written for television (La2, DocuTVE, Paramount Comedy, Paramount Channel…), press (El País, El Mundo, Fotogramas, Mondo Brutto, etc), and radio (Cadena SER, M80, Radio 3, M21). She is currently a regular columnist for El País, at the television section, and regularly collaborates with El Confidencial and with Letras Libres. She has been a screenwriter for two feature films Faraday (2013) and La Máquina de Bailar (2006), for several animated series for V.O.D. and director of a medium-length film La Pájara (2009), and several short films, and a couple of plays. She has taught Dramaturgy and Literature at the Camilo José Cela University and Audiovisual Narrative at Séptima Ars.


Borja Glez. Santaolalla (Bilbao, 1982) is a film and television director and screenwriter. His works include the series Qué Vida Más Triste, Bloguera en Construcción, Amar es para Siempre -for which he was the plot director- or films like Way Down, a robbery thriller shot in English by Jaume Balagueró released in November 2021. It is co -creator, executive producer, screenwriter and director of the successful series #Luimelia, an international phenomenon exported to more than 20 countries and currently airing its fourth season. He is currently preparing his first film as a director, Montreal.


Nerea Alberdi is a composer, orchestrator and music arranger. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s degree in Musical Composition for Film, Television and Video Games from the Berklee College of Music. As a composer, she works fundamentally in the field of music for the image. She works regularly for composers such as Lucio Godoy, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Vanessa Garde, Alfonso Vilallonga or Sergio Jiménez Lacima, as well as on her own, in film, television, performing arts, advertising and studio arrangements. Her most recent works include the music for the television series Go!azen and Irabazi arte, the orchestration of several feature films such as A Normal World (2020) by Achero Mañas, Rosa’s Wedding (2020) by Iciar Bollaín, It Snows in Benidorm ( 2020) by Isabel Coixet or What Lucía Saw (2022) by Imanol Uribe – among others, – the original music for the feature film Josephine (2021) by Javier Marco (co-composed with Vanessa Garde) and the dance show LOF by the Eva Guerrero’s company. She teaches orchestration in the Degree in Music at the Escuela Música Creativa in Madrid and is a teacher in the Degree in Culture and Solidarity at the University of Deusto. For three years and until June, she has collaborated on the Radio Euskadi program “Graffiti”, presenting a weekly section on music dissemination.


Bilbao, 1977. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the UPV-EHU, he has been a professional screenwriter since 2005. His extensive career on television includes highly successful programs and series such as Vaya semanita (Ondas Award 2006), Euskadi Movie, Irrikitown, Nekane Amaya, Go!azen, Ihesaldia, El día de mañana or Irabazi Arte. Together with Haritz Zubillaga, he has written the feature film The Glass Coffin (2016), in addition to several scripts currently in the development phase. He is also co-author of the award-winning short films She’s Lost Control (2012) by Zubillaga and Jules D. (2016) by Norma Vila. He is vice president of EHGEP (Basque Scriptwriters Association).


She’s got a degree in Audio-visual Communication from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Specialized in editing and post-production, she has developed her work for both cinema and television, in the fields of documentaries, fiction and animation. Among her works we must highlight are the fiction feature film The Skin of the Wolf (2017) by Samu Fuentes, the documentaries Kuartk Valley (2021) by Maider Oleaga and The Last Passage (2011) by Enara Goikoetxea/ Iurre Tellería; and works for television such as the episode “Mr. Trump, sorry for the inconvenience”, part of Jordi Evole’s program Salvados. In the last years he has also edited more than a dozen shorts, including Heltzear (2021) by Mikel Gurrea, selected at the 2021 Venice Film Festival or Irrits (2022) by Maider Oleaga, which has just competed in the official section in the Malaga Festival 2022. Simultaneously, he has written and directed five short films and developed content for theatre and museums.