MEETING with Carlota Pereda

The journalist and film critic Bego del Teso will be in charge of moderating a meeting with the director of the feature film “Cerdita”, Carlota Pereda, winner of the FANTROBIA 2023 award, on Saturday 6 May at 12:45 in the Sala Bastida at Azkuna Zentroa.


MEETING “Euskarazko zinema: oraina eta etorkizuna, aukerak eta erronkak”.

On Sunday 7th, at 12:45 in the Sala Bastida of Azkuna Zentroa, it will be the turn of the meeting in Basque on cinema in Basque entitled “Euskarazko zinema: oraina eta etorkizuna, aukerak eta erronkak”. It will be attended by, among other film professionals, the director Paul Urkijo; Nitya López, who this year presents the short film Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado vs Don Cóndor eta Ñora Alacrán at FANT; Eneko Muruzabal, who this year presents the short film Polita at FANT; Alaitz Arenzana, member of the jury of FANT’s Panorama Fantástico Section and director of the Zinegoak festival; Vanesa Fernández, director of ZINEBI; Larraitz Zuazo, from Begira Produkzioak; Aitor Gametxo, filmmaker; Mar Izquierdo, coordinator of ZINEUSKADI; and Ander Barinaga-Rementería, actor and producer.


“Mitologika” EXHIBITION

The exhibition “Mitologika” can be enjoyed at the Barrainkua Municipal Centre from 4 April. This is a gallery of images of the main characters of Basque mythology. The witches of Zugarramurdi, the goddess Mari, Gaueko, the Jentilak and Basajaun, accompanied by gods, devils, goblins and giants, star in this exhibition of characters from Basque mythology that have remained in our imagination for centuries, through the hundreds of stories passed down from generation to generation. This exhibition of illustrations provides an imaginative and contemporary vision of those mythological beings of yesteryear.

This exhibition comes with the illustrations of Raquel Alzate, (Barakaldo, 1972).



Exhibition with illustrations by Daniel Esteves, artist of Bilbao Formarte, at Vía de Fuga Café from the 4th of May. Daniel Esteves Alonso, author of the images that can be seen in it, is a very meticulous artist in his work. His mastery of drawing, perspective and colour allows him to produce works of virtuoso workmanship, accompanied by inexhaustible imagination and fantastic irony.


EXHIBITION “Mitologia, sorginak eta magia”.

The Deusto Library hosts the exhibition “Mitologia, sorginak eta magia” which is completed with different materials such as books, comics, films and CDs.


EXHIBITION “Sugaar y otros dragones del mundo (De las cuevas a las bibliotecas)”.

The Begoña Library will be hosting “Sugaar eta munduko dragoiak (Kobazuloetatik liburutegietara) /Sugaar y otros dragones del mundo (De las cuevas a las bibliotecas)” from 5th May and here, the public will be invited to follow in the footsteps of dragons in literature, comics, film and music.


CONCERT by Claudia Gil

On 6 May at 22:00, the Vía de Fuga café will host this concert. In this show you will be able to enjoy different pop, rock, soul and film music.



In addition, the Festival will have a gastronomic offer throughout the week with dishes inspired by fantastic cinema that can be enjoyed in the Mariñela restaurant, which will also offer special offers for spectators.



On 28 April at 19:00, a masterclass will take place at FNAC Bilbao with Jon Mikel Bañales, illustrator for DC Comics, entitled: “Drawing comics: professional environment and creative process”.



On 29 April, from 16:00 to 20:35, a role-playing session entitled “Adur & Atopia RPG” has been organised around Basque mythology. It will be free and in Basque and will take place at the La Perrera Municipal Centre, with prior registration required at this link: