2021 · Antonio Tibaldi · EE.UU. / China / Italia · 96 min

Section: Official section 2022

10th May @ 16:15 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 1)


Solomon is an undocumented Mexican immigrant living in the back lot of a recycling plant in Brooklyn. By chance, he meets Chuyao. Shunned by her father for believing that she was abducted by a UFO, she has fled China. Alone in the city, she is involved with a pimp who puts her life in danger. Solomon takes drastic action to save Chuyao, setting the stage for the two fugitives to run from the law and head to Arizona. Once in the desert, Solomon must confront his past demons. Chuyao gives him renewed hope for the future and together they search for answers in the skies.

Antonio Tibaldi

Antonio Tibaldi is a NYC-based, Australian-born, Italian filmmaker. His fiction and non-fiction feature films have won numerous awards and screened at festivals such as Sundance, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, IDFA and Tribeca. His credits include On My Own (1992), Little Boy Blue (1997) and Claudine’s Return (1998). He has worked for United Nations Television for over 15 years, directing nonfiction films that shed light on underreported stories around the globe.

  • Director / Antonio Tibaldi
  • Screenplay / Álex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi
  • Production / Fan HE, Andrew K. Li, Antonio Tibaldi
  • Music / Amedeo Ursini
  • Edition / Álex Lora
  • Cast / Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Xingchen Lyu, Zao Wang, O-lan Jones, Paul Cooper, Blanca Vivancos, Alfonso Rey, Allison Tibaldi, Kenny Chin