2022 · Alain Bidard · Martinica · 85 min

Section: FANTasy Panorama 2022, PANORAMA FANTÁSTICO 2022

9th May @ 22:10 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 2)


Once upon a time a magic kingdom where summer lasted forever and where the animals and the inhabitants were immortal. The source of all magic was a young princess called Opal. Legends said that her joy would bring wonders and prosperity to the kingdom. But her sadness would only bring chaos and darkness…

Alain Bidard

Alan Bidard is an award-winning animation film director from the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean. During the two last decades, he has produced and directed animated feature and short films, animated series, documentaries and live-action films which won more than 60 awards and 250 nominations in festivals worldwide. In 2015, Alan Bidard made history in releasing the first animated feature film ever made in Martinique — Battledream Chronicle, awarded by 24 awards and 70 nominations worldwide. Then in 2018, he created the first Caribbean animated TV series awarded by 25 awards and 105 nominations worldwide. As for now, Alan Bidard is the only Caribbean animation film director who won that many recognitions. Opal is his second animated feature film.

  • Director / Alain Bidard
  • Screenplay / Alain Bidard
  • Production / Alain Bidard, Chantal Sacarabany-perro
  • Music / Alain Bidard
  • Edition / Alain Bidard
  • Cast / Dawn-lissa Mystille, Heather Mystille, Kaori Ravi