2020 · Cristian Ponce · Argentina · 82 min

Section: LA AVENTURA 2021

11th May @ 15:00 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 1)


For the final broadcast of ‘60 Minutes to Midnight’, the most viewed journalistic show on television, the star of the night is Adrián Marcato, who is about to expose the president of the government’s ties to Satanism.

Cristian Ponce

Director, screenwriter and member of the Tangram Cine Production Company, he is the director of the animated series The Kirlian Frequency (2017).

  • Director / Cristian Ponce
  • Screenplay / Cristian Ponce
  • Production / Pedro Saieg
  • Music / Marcelo Cataldo
  • Edition / Hernán Biasotti, Cristian Ponce
  • Cast / Germán Baudino, Nadia Lozano, Héctor Ostrofsky, Agustín Recondo, Lucia Arreche, Iván Ezquerré, Casper Uncal