2018 · Carolina Hellsgård · Alemania - Germany · 90 min


4th May @ 10:00 · 4th May @ 18:00 Azkuna Zentroa Auditorium


Vivi and Eva are involuntarily forced to join forces. While fighting against the undead, they must also confront the demons of their past. Vivi is desperately trying to find out what happened to her little sister, whereas Eva dreams about starting anew, far away from her role as a killer in the oppressing Weimar they have left behind. Their adventurous journey takes place in a lush and beautiful apocalypse; now that the humans have gone, nature is taking over. But nature knows no boundaries and soon the two young women have to deal with a new and fantastic reality.

Carolina Hellsgård

Born in Sweden, Carolina Hellsgård works as a writer and director in Berlin. She studied experimental media design at the Berlin University of Arts and film directing and screenwriting at Cal Arts in Los Angeles. Hellsgård’s films have screened and been awarded in numerous venues and film festivals internationally, including Berlinale. She is currently working on her next feature film project Sunburned.

  • Director / Carolina Hellsgård
  • Screenplay / Olivia Vieweg
  • Production / Ingelore König
  • Music / Franziska Henke
  • Edition / Julia Oehring, Ruth Schönegge
  • Cast / Marco Albrecht, Trine Dyrholm, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Maja Lehrer, Barbara Philipp, Yûho Yamashita