Born in Murcia in 1977, he is a journalist and lives in Madrid. He currently works for Cinemanía magazine and he has collaborated with several media as Neo2, MondoSonoro, Sensacine and Canino. He sometimes swears that he was a normal person until he saw the trailer for Alien treacherously screened in a summer cinema.


Norberto Ramos del Val (always with two surnames because the second one has an aristocratic touch) has been making movies all his life.

After going through the initiation rite of getting an easy university degree (Visual Arts) he fully threw himself into shooting what he could and was allowed. In the nineties he made all the short films he could as a director, aggressive executive producer or whatever came out. A lot of years later he got to shoot his first feature film, Muertos comunes (2004). One of those movies that becomes a cult classic over time.

Realising that there is no such thing as what the aristocrats call “Spanish film industry”, he threw himself back into the mud, which he has never and will never leave. Since then, his blockbusters with ridiculous budgets have been strung together with the most varied titles, but always with drops or litres of fantasy genre. Films such as Our Last Weekend (2011), Summertime (2012), Toxic Love (2015), Call TV (2017), Lucero (2019) or Stay Away! (2020) may fascinate or piss you off, but they will never leave you indifferent.


Nerea Torrijos, born in Bilbao.

As a child, she tore the curtains from the house and with them made the dresses of the protagonist of Titanic. What began as a game, a simple distraction to drown out boredom, ended up becoming her way of life. She began studying fashion in Bilbao and dedicated herself to fashion styling before becoming involved in the world of cinema.

Her first film, The Night of the Virgin (2016,) was shot in an industrial state in Bilbao. Little by little she went on working and growing in the audio-visual world. Her work was recognized for the first time at the Filmquest in Utah USA, where she would receive the award to the best costume design for her work in Errementari (2017). After this, many other films would come, several of them were period films, as A March to Remember (2018) or Coven (2020).

Some of her latest projects have been the feature films American Carnage by Mexican director Diego Hallivis, García y García by Ana Murugarren or Desde la sombra by Félix Viscarret, which will be released sometime between this summer and next year.


Jon Mikel Caballero is a film director and screenwriter born in Pamplona. He started in the industry working as a personal assistant to Kike Maíllo and J.A. Bayona, also taking charge of making-of documentaries such as The Impossible (2012). His two short films Hibernation (2012) and Cenizo (2016) mix science fiction and drama, accumulating more than fifty awards and three hundred selections. In 2019 he premiered the feature film The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, his debut feature, in which he goes for fantasy cinema and with which he achieves a great impact despite the limited budget, winning the award for best script and most innovative direction at FANT 2019. He is currently writing scripts for upcoming projects while teaching cinema.


She started her career as the assistant to the Head of Industry of the San Sebastian International Film Festival. In 2009 she studied a Master’s degree in Cultural Management and entered the Cultural Department of the Spanish Cinema Academy programming screenings and designing exhibitions.

From July 2011, she coordinates the Basque Government’s short film distribution and promotion program Kimuak. She has been a jury member at several film festivals worldwide and has published articles in diverse media.


Film director and producer. From a very young age he shows an interest in cinema and storytelling. His predilection for comics, fantasy literature and the horror genre led him to opt for the cinema. In 2006 he graduated as a TV director and later became an assistant director and producer on dozens of projects. He is one of the founders of the ECPV Basque Country Film School, a project to which he dedicates a large part of his time, combining it with film direction and production.

His career has taken him to travel the world, from Paris to Laos, where he co-directed a social documentary for local NGOs. Amargo era el postre, his third fiction work has achieved 55 selections and 15 international awards at festivals such as Cortada, Medina del Campo, Mórbido or FANT Bilbao, where in 2019 he made history with two awards: the jury award for the best Basque short film, and the award from the audience to the best short. He is currently preparing his first feature film.