1999 · Jaume Balagueró · Spain · 102 min


8th May @ 16:00 Azkuna Zentroa Auditorium


The vanished little daughter of Claudia is found completely mutilated in a well by the police, being recognized by her husband only due to a bracelet and her shorter leg. Five years later, Claudia, divorced and addicted in tranquilizer, receives a short phone call from someone claiming to be her daughter. 

Jaume Balagueró

Film director and screenwriter born in Lleida. Before dedicating himself to the cinema, he worked as a journalist and radio presenter. His first film work was the short film Alicia (1994). In 1999 he directed his first feature film, The Nameless, an adaptation of the novel by Ramsey Campbell, which won the Méliès de Oro for the best European fantasy film of that year and won more than fifteen awards at various international festivals. Then came Darkness (2002), Fragile (2005) and in 2007, together with Paco Plaza, the great critical and box office success with [REC], which would become the origin of one of the most popular horror sagas. Other notable titles of his filmography are Sleep Tight (2011), Muse (2017) and his latest work Way Down (2021).

  • Director / Jaume Balagueró
  • Screenplay / Jaume Balagueró, Ramsey Campbell
  • Production / Jaume Balagueró, Carlos Fernández, Julio Fernández
  • Music / Carles Cases
  • Edition / Luís de la Madrid
  • Cast / Emma Vilarasau, Karra Elejalde, Tristán Ulloa, Toni Sevilla, Brendan Price, Jordi Dauder, Núria Cano, Isabel Ampudia, Carles Punyet