2018 · Norberto Ramos del Val · Espainia – España - Spain · 68 min


5th May @ 19:50 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 2)


Eva has a date that does not arrive, and some other issues.

Norberto Ramos del Val

Born in Santander in 1970. He began directing short films as Luismi (1995) and Road Movie (1997), and producing films for other directors as Torre (2000) by Oskar Santos. His leap into feature films took place in 2004 with Muertos comunes. Later he has focused on independent productions as the web series Hienas (2009), or El último fin de semana (2011), meanwhile he works as a director of music videos, advertising and television. He was also responsible for the surprising low cost hit Summertime (2012), Faraday (2013) and Amor tóxico (2015) that we already enjoyed in FANT previous editions.

  • Director / Norberto Ramos del Val
  • Screenplay / Pablo Vázquez
  • Production / Norberto Ramos del Val
  • Music / Norberto Ramos del Val
  • Edition / Norberto Ramos del Val
  • Cast / Claudia Molina