2018 · Jonas Åkerlund · Erresuma Batua – Reino Unido – UK /Suedia - Suecia – Sweden / Norvegia - Noruega - Norway · 117 min


7th May @ 22:15 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 1)


Oslo, 1987: Seventeen-year-old Euronymous is determined to escape his idyllic Scandinavian hometown and create “true Norwegian black metal” with his band, MAYHEM. He’s joined by equally fanatical youths – Dead and Varg. Believing that they’re on the cusp of a musical revolution, the group gets even darker driven by the black metal dogma to spread evil.

Jonas Åkerlund

Renowned Swedish director, Jonas is an internationally awarded director of music videos, commercials, documentaries, stage shows and feature films. With a love of the arts, Jonas endeavours to explore all facets and mediums in the art world. He has reinvented music videos and brings his highly visual aesthetic into his feature films, marrying lyrical style with grounded realism. He was a member of the Swedish black metal band Bathory from 1983 to 1984. His recent film credits include Small Apartments (2012) starring Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal and Johnny Knoxville and Horsemen (2009) starring Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi.

  • Director / Jonas Åkerlund
  • Screenplay / Jonas Åkerlund, Dennis Magnusson
  • Production / Jack Arbuthnott, Jim Czarnecki, Kwesi Dickson, Danny Gabai, Erik Gordon, Ko Mori
  • Music / Sigur Rós
  • Edition / Rickard Krantz
  • Cast / Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skarsgård, Anthony De La Torre, Jonathan Barnwell, Sam Coleman