2022 · Marc Carreté · España · 86 min

Section: FANTasy Panorama 2022, PANORAMA FANTÁSTICO 2022

8th May @ 22:10 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 2)


Josué lives in an isolated house in the middle of the countryside. His life revolves around the grocery store he inherited from his father, and the care of an insane brother whom he must keep under lock and key. Drink, faith and his friendship with Abigail, a street girl, are his only escape valves. But Josué’s routines and life are violently altered the night his brother manages to escape, and his path crosses Abigail’s. Josué will try to cover up his brother’s brutal misdeeds, but the perverse reality of the events will turn his existence upside down, forcing him to face a macabre fate.

Marc Carreté

Catalonian director and producer. His career has focused on the field of advertising and communication. In 2011 he directed his first short, Mal Cuerpo, followed in 2012 by Castidermia. He debuted in feature length with Asmodexia (2014), after which came After the Lethargy (2018). Lagunas, la guarida del diablo is his third feature film.

  • Director / Marc Carreté
  • Screenplay / Marc Carreté
  • Production / Joan Frank Charansonnet, Victor Perxachs
  • Music / Jordi Dalmau
  • Edition / Marc Carreté
  • Cast / Joan Frank Charansonnet, Patricia Bargalló, José García Ruiz, Carlus Fàbrega, Joan Massotkleiner, Miquel Sitjar, Montse Ribadellas, Ramon Canals