2019 · Sergio Morcillo · Espaina - España - Spain · 5 min

Section: panorama fantástico corto @en

7th November @ 16:15 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 2)


Ramon is at the park, where his son plays while he speaks with his friend on the phone. At some
point he loses the kid. When he finally finds him, he keeps calling him but the kid doesn´t
answer. Angry, he slaps the kid in the back of the neck. The problem is that the kid who gets
slapped is not his child, but another one with the same clothes. The kid’s angry mother punches
Ramón in the face. All of a sudden, another woman arrives as a peacemaker, but we quickly
learn that she´s the wife of the other woman, so they end up teaching Ramon a lesson that he´ll
never forget.

  • Director / Sergio Morcillo