2021 · Gabriele Mainetti · Italia / Bélgica · 141 min

Section: Official section 2022

9th May @ 20:00 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 1)


Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario are family when the 2nd world war hits Rome. It’s 1943, in the turmoil of the conflict and the eternal city is home to the circus in which they work. Israel, the owner and putative father, disappears in the attempt to find a getaway overseas for them all. Our four friends are in disarray. Without anyone looking after them but above all, without the circus, they lose their social placement and they feel only as sideshow attractions on the loose in a city at war.

Gabriele Mainetti

Born in Rome, he is a film director, actor, composer and producer. After directing some award-winning shorts such as Basette (2006), and Tiger Boy (2012), in 2015 he directed the acclaimed feature film They Call Me Jeeg. Freaks Out is his second feature film.

  • Director / Gabriele Mainetti
  • Screenplay / Nichola Guaglianone, Gabriele Mainetti
  • Production / Gabriele Mainetti, Andrea Occhipinti
  • Music / Michele Braga, Gabriele Mainetti
  • Edition / Francesco Di Stefano
  • Cast / Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto, Giancarlo Martini, Giorgio Tirabassi, Max Mazzotta, Francesca Anna Bellucci, Franz Rogowski